Saturday, 3 March 2018

Introducing a project idea

Learning Circle Group: Computer Chronicles
Sponsoring Teacher: Tetiana Pikush
Sponsor School: Troyeshchyna Gymnasium
City: Kyiv

Name of Project:  Perfect World Column

Goal Of The Project: to talk about a future situation in the world and its consequences

Type Of Writing Requested: Students' opinion essays WHAT MAKES A PERFECT WORLD? to Perfect World Column.

Description Of What You Are Looking For From Other Schools:  students' opinion essays with the information in the most appropriate format, stories or just speculations with pictures,drawings or video.
Ideas for the essays:

1 Most teenagers can't vote, so is this really a democracy? Should we let all people over 16 vote in elections?
2.Is your flag really interesting and colourful? Maybe we could let children design a new one?
3.Many politicians are very old Should we make them leave wten they are sixty?
4.Why not let citizens from every country cross our borders when they like it ?
5.In my ideal country there aren't any laws. Can it be so?
6.Why are there different currencies?  We should make everybody use the same currency.

Ideal Number Of Submissions From Each School:
Any reasonable number.

Preferred Length Of Articles:
About 100 words.

Deadline For Receiving Information (Suggested Circle deadline is May 3, 2017):
May 15, 2018